Hillary’s Climate of Hate

By Michelle Malkin
Hillary Clinton isn't just a nasty woman. She's a ruthless hatemonger devoted wholly to two corrupt pursuits while on the federal teat: tearing down and cashing in. She's a menace to entrepreneurs, to the rule of law and national security.

16 hours ago

NAACP Denies Education Civil Rights

By Star Parker
It is disappointing that the NAACP, which defines itself as a civil rights organization, wants to deny a right as fundamental as parents determining how and where to educate their children. But it not surprising.

20 hours ago

Dump Duterte — for Starters

By Pat Buchanan
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is proving himself to be an unstable anti-American autocrat, who should not be entrusted with the power to drag us into war over some rocks or reefs in the South China Sea.

2 days ago

Immigration Controversies

By Thomas Sowell
Too many Americans have become so gullible that they are afraid to even get the facts about which immigrants have done well and improved America, and which have become a burden that can drag us all down.

2 days ago

If Clinton Wins, Foundation Must be Closed

By The Editors
If Clinton wins on Nov. 8, the first action she takes should be the dissolution of the Clinton Foundation. Its charitable work should be taken over by an organization that doesn't have a satellite office in the West Wing.

2 days ago