Folow Hillary Clinton Money 600 LI

Show HER the Money

By A.F Branco
Follow the Clinton Foundation’s foreign donor money right to Hillary's pay to play scheme and presidential campaign.

9 hours ago

Trump: The Great Unifier!

By Ann Coulter
Trump sees Americans as winners and he doesn't care if you're black, white, gay or a disabled Eskimo. He'll bring back jobs for everyone -- except the plutocrats outsourcing manufacturing and importing cheap labor while the rest of us subsidize their foreign workforces.

15 hours ago

Leo DiCaprio’s Dirty Dollars

By Michelle Malkin
Outspoken liberal Leonardo DiCaprio should not escape unscathed from his train wreck of high-dollar financial dealings with donors and businessmen in one of world's most rotten regimes.

19 hours ago
Dif Directions 600 election LAb

Different Directions

By A.F Branco
Trump goes to Baton Rouge to help flood flood victims while Obama and Hillary have more important things to do.

1 day ago
Hillary Email P 600 LA

The Colin Powell Defense

By Rich Lowry
No one forced Hillary Clinton to use her private email for State Department business in a manner so flagrantly against the rules that in any other circumstance she would be vulnerable to sanction and prosecution. That's her responsibility and no one else's.

2 days ago

As the Cultural War Rages, Can We Live Together?

By Star Parker
The cultural war in America is raging. We are becoming a divided nation, with many who have little in common in how we see the world. The challenge will be how we all can live together.

2 days ago

Hillary’s Corruption Is Overwhelming

By Ben Shapiro
After over two decades in the heart of America's spotlight, Hillary Clinton is still an unknown quantity for most Americans. That's thanks to one factor and one factor only: the love and worship of the mainstream media.

2 days ago

Obama Is Still Transforming America

By Phyllis Schlafly
With only five months left in the White House, Barack Obama is still hard at work "fundamentally transforming" our country into something much different from the nation we all grew up in. Here are some recent examples.

2 days ago